Skate Hoodies

Being a skater is not just about how you ride your skateboard. Skating also means how you handle fashion. Recently, one of the most popular fashion clothes of skaters is the skate hoodies. This kind of hoodies is somewhat similar to the hooded sweatshirt but have little difference. The difference of this big size hoody is the nice oversized hood plus the one huge pocket on the front part.

The skate hoodies are somewhat little bit tighter than the extremely baggy urban and hip hop hoodies. It makes sense when you think about how skateboarders should be able to move their body when making tricks but they also have to make sure their clothes are not too big. That is the good thing about the hoody because they are not a hindrance to your movement while skating and ensures the one wearing it to feel warm and comfortable. There are many varieties of styles and colors you can buy in the market of this type of clothing.

The hoody is mostly worn that fits your torso. Some of them are just going up to your waistline or just ending above it. The skate hoodies are tailored differently for women and men from the cuts and designs. When it comes to design, this hoody is a little bit trendy than other sweatshirts. You can also distinguish the skate hoody from other types of sweaters. As you can observe, you can almost not find skate hoody that have light colors. Most of them are made with dark colors. The most popular among is the color black and also the dark green and blues. You might also notice about skate hoodies are the logos in front. The skate brands are getting popular as of these days. One of them is the DC hoodies that has a large logo conceitedly shown on the front part of the sweatshirt.

Mostly, the brands carry some logos on them or some have attracted designs on the front. This is because it becomes the famous statement of the skateboard fashion. Even people who are not into this sport still tend to wear skateboarders’ brand. So, even if you are fanatic of the skate boarding sports or not, you can buy your own skate hoodies. This is even better when you prefer dark colors in terms of clothing. This is a practical cloth that you can use during winter season where you can put your hands on the big pocket in front.